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By Abbey Paccia and Eric Tilton

Half in Dream is a sculptural installation that bridges the gap between physical reality and the malleable shape of our perception. Situated on the border of the human and more-than-human, the sculpture offers a three-dimensional collage of collected natural ephemera from the outside looking in, and a two-dimensional projection of light and shadow from the inside looking out. The image formed is shifted through minutes and hours by the light of the star that propels all life, and by the turning of the earth that is our home. Night viewing brings an entirely different experience. It is never the same piece twice.

Timelapse - May 2022

Interior Images

Exterior Images


Opening Reception
May 6th, 2022


Plant Printing Workshop


Participants gathered local plants and created colorful botanical prints on fabric!

Both new and experienced practitioners of contemplative practice joined together in the gallery space to meditate. Changing light and shadow helped to ground viewers in the moment.

Meditation Sessions




The pieces of the installation were temporarily transported to the place where many of the materials were gathered. The shadows and light shifted with the dappled light moving through the trees and shimmered from the reflections of sun on the surface of water.