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Video & Animation


"Flutter" - March 2023 - An experimental animation loop shown at the "Small Spells" exhibition at the Emmitt Christian Gallery in Fredonia, NY. Each frame of animation was painted with handmade, foraged inks including Pokeberry, Oak Gall, Fox Grape, and Black Walnut. 

Screen Shot 2023-01-01 at 4.59.24 PM.png

"Penumbral Drift" - January 2023

This experimental loop combines video footage with rotoscope animation to create a meditative reflection on time and space. Each scene exists within the slow rhythms of the earth and the cavernous landscapes of our tiny neighbors. These spaces and the beings who inhabit them are both familiar and
mysterious, revealing wonder in everyday encounters and rewarding quiet attention.

"Pilgrimage" - 2019


A short experimental film from the shadow world. 

A Short film animated to 'What,' a poem by Ivor Cutler.  All elements were traditionally drawn and animated on paper with colored pencil and watercolor.  

"Those Who Plant Trees" - 2020


A meditative essay film, ruminating on stories of regrowth and the healing properties of silence. Made in Western Massachusetts amidst shelter-in-place orders and the sweeping uncertainty of the ever-changing pandemic circumstance, the film wonders about ways we can choose to think and act in times of global crisis.

"a WEEKEND drift" - 2019


A short film made on a weekend dérive in Western Massachusetts.

"Distance" - 2020


A short daydream about memories of travel while remaining in one place. The film uses soundscapes and narration to transform visual landscapes shot only within the space of a small New England apartment.


"Trees Bubbles Frogs Ripples Trees - 2021


A video loop about shifting perception and the illusion of multiple realities held by a space.

Traditional cartoon animation, storyboards, and design work.

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