Video & Animation

"Pilgrimage" - A short experimental film from the shadow world. 

A Short film animated to 'What,' a poem by Ivor Cutler.  All elements were traditionally drawn and animated on paper with colored pencil and watercolor.  

Those Who Plant Trees is a meditative essay film, ruminating on stories of regrowth and the healing properties of silence. Made in Western Massachusetts amidst shelter-in-place orders and the sweeping uncertainty of the ever-changing pandemic circumstance, the film wonders about ways we can choose to think and act in times of global crisis.

A short film made on a weekend dérive in Western Massachusetts.

Distance is a short daydream about memories of travel while remaining in one place. The film uses soundscapes and narration to transform visual landscapes shot only within the space of a small New England apartment.


A short video about shifting perception and the illusion of multiple realities held by a space.

Traditional cartoon animation, storyboards, and design work.