Abbey Paccia is an Illustrator, Animator and Story Maker.


She believes in life, art and the pursuit of worthy stories and hopes to grow in these aspects until the end of time.


Living spaces hold meaning, collect memories and build connection. The images on these pages are my way of honoring life in the natural world with curiosity and wonder, building connection with human and non-human life and appreciating the common threads we all share.

Wandering in wonder has become an integral part of the work itself. While hiking, I collect and photograph natural materials from my surroundings. Later, I pull from this gathered palette, reflecting further on the wonder of each form and arrange the materials into images of new worlds. Since my artwork is built from a variety of elements created in the studio as well as gathered in the field, the space around me becomes an integral player in the process.

Allowing the materials to guide the direction of the image is both a practice in heightened observation and in letting go to invite collaboration. I try to do as much as possible with natural media, believing that the tactile nature of the materials grounds the work in the real world: the way dust falls off charcoal and the paths that watercolor chooses to stream, all bring an unpredictable element of life to the work. Digital methods are also important to my process: serving the role of a binding agent, weaving together the elements found in life, or enhancing a work whose roots are firmly grown from the earth.