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Student Work
Animation Fundamentals & Intro to 2D Animation

The State University of New York at Fredonia - 2022

The University of Massachusetts Amherst - 2022

Flour Sack Project

Animating a living flour sack is a foundational exercise for beginning animators, developed by animators at the Walt Disney Studios. Students were asked to plan, storyboard, and animate the flour sack reacting to an external event within a simple setting. The following animations were hand-drawn in either Adobe Animate or Toon Boom Harmony.

Flour Sack 1

Flour Sack 2

Flour Sack 3

Cut-Out Animation

Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of cut-out and silhouette animations, students shifted from drawing to an analogue setting and created a short film using Dragonframe. The project required students to spend more time in pre-production than previous projects, designing characters and scenes, storyboarding sequences, editing an animatic, and experiementing with sound design.

Cattle Ranch


Blown in the Wind

Rotoscope Animation

This project gave students practice with use of video reference, acting and directing for animated sequences, art direction, and digital workflow. Students worked with Adobe Premiere and Toon Boom Harmony. 

Rotoscope 3

Rotoscope 2

Rotoscope 1

Independent Projects

The student-directed final project gave students agency in all aspects of the creation of a short work. This was an opportunity for students to explore a new animation technique that they were excited to try, or to polish skills with a process they had already learned. Students pitched their project proposals and production schedules for approval before completing the final work.

Meat Dungeon

Fire Flip


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