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SUNY Fredonia - Creative Work Portfolio

Film and Animation

Penumbral Drift - 2023 - 00:20:00

Penumbral Drift - Shot in the span of a day, this short film combines video footage with rotoscope animation to create a meditative reflection on time and space.

Each scene exists within the slow rhythms of the earth and the cavernous landscapes of
our tiny neighbors. These spaces and the beings who inhabit them are both familiar and
mysterious, revealing wonder in everyday encounters and rewarding quiet attention.

Pilgrimage - 2019 - 00:01:57

Pilgrimage is a short experimental animation combining shadow photography, ink drawings, rotoscope animation, and practical effects.

Distance - 2020 - 00:03:49

Distance is a short daydream about memories of travel while remaining in one place. The film uses soundscapes and narration to transform visual landscapes shot only within the space of a small New England apartment.

Those Who Plant Trees - 2020 - 00:08:57

Those Who Plant Trees is a meditative essay film, ruminating on stories of regrowth and the healing properties of silence. Made in Western Massachusetts amidst shelter-in-place orders and the sweeping uncertainty of the ever-changing pandemic circumstance, the film wonders about ways we can choose to think and act in times of global crisis.

2D & Installation Artwork

Half in Dream - 20' x 18' Installation - Timelapse - May 2022

in collaboration with Eric Tilton

Half in Dream is a sculptural installation that bridges the gap between physical reality and the malleable shape of our perception. Situated on the border of the human and more-than-human, the sculpture offers a three-dimensional collage of collected natural ephemera from the outside looking in, and a two-dimensional projection of light and shadow from the inside looking out. The image formed is shifted through minutes and hours by the light of the star that propels all life, and by the turning of the earth that is our home. Night viewing brings an entirely different experience. It is never the same piece twice.

Half in Dream (continued) - detail images

The left detail is a panel of the installation from the exterior side, containing the 3d collage of natural materials. The right detail image contains the same panel as seen from the interior (screen-side) of the piece.

Knot - 2023 - 14" x 9.5" - Foraged black walnut ink on paper

Neighbors - 2021 - 81" x 72" - Graphite on handmade kenaf paper

Leaf Litter - 2018 - 18" x 12" - Digital Collage

Earthen Home - 2018 - 4" x 5" - Digital Collage

Little Whale House - 2018 - 4" x 6" - Digital Collage

Turning Hill - 2018 - 4" x 6" - Digital Collage

Yaga House - 2019 - 35" x 45" - Mixed media collage

in collaboration with Eric Tilton

Moon Hag - 2019 - 6" x 8" - Mixed media collage

Fire Hag - 2019 - 6" x 8" - Mixed media collage

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